How can an Ultra Beam Tube generate Rife Frequencies?

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How can the Ultra Beam Tube generate Rife Frequencies?

Some people say that only the original Rife equipment can generate Rife frequencies. That is like saying that only an old record player can make music.

Today's technology has made Rife's equipment totally obsolete. Anybody using equipment based on Rife's circuitry has greatly reducing capabilities and options. Today's quasi-resonant switch mode technology is used to create space-age equipment un-imaginable in Rife's time. Generating high power, high frequency, high voltage is easy and reliable.

Here is a Spectrum Analyser connected to an antenna picking up Rife frequencies broadcast through the air from an Ultra BT-HFPCM2 controlled by a BCX Ultra:


Here is a screen shot of the Spectrum Analyser:


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