The BCX Ultra line of Wellness Products

BCX Ultra
High Power
Plasma Therapy
LED Light
Magnetic Pulse
Magnetic Wave
Footbath Detox
Cosmetic Therapy

BCX Ultra:
Raytubes and Electrodes provide
Differential Plasma Carrier Modulation and
TENS Therapy
The BCX Ultra has an extensive line of
Accessories for all fields of therapy

High Power Plasma Light Therapy:
High Power Beamtubes and Vortex

LED Light Therapy:
High Power and Standard Power
LED Light Therapy Pulsing in
Deep Red, Green, and Blue

Magnetic Pulse Therapy:
High Power PEMF Magnetic Pulses
Mats and Concentrators

Magnetic Wave Therapy:
Gentle Magnetic Waves
Mats and Concentrators

Far-infrared Therapy:
Deep Penetrating Far-infrared Heat
Active Carbon Fiber Mats

Footbath Ionic Detox:
Cleanse and Ionization
with and without Pulsing

Cosmetic Therapy:
Facial Rejuvenation with
Cosmetic Electrotherapy and Light

Technical Resources:
Answers to Questions you have

BCX Ultra Products and accessories are sold
through Distributors Internationally.

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