Can a Beamtube provide power for a whole room?

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Can a Beamtube provide power for a whole room?

The farther away from a point source, such as a light bulb or a Beamtube, the less energy is available to the same area object. And, the relationship is not linear, meaning it get progressively weaker at a greater rate.

For example, an object that gets 1 watt of energy 1 foot away from an energy source, will only receive 0.001 watt 10 feet away from the energy source.

2 dimensionally, this can be seen as fixed number of radiating rays in a circle. As you get closer to the circle, more radiating rays hit the object.


However, the situation is actually 3 dimensional, and this increases the effect of diminishing power at a greater distance.

At 1 ft, represented by the " I " square at distance " r " below, a fixed amount of energy is contained within the square. At 3 times the distance, " 3r ", the same amount of energy is divided into 9 equal sized squares, each with 1/9'th the amount of energy.


Mathematically, this is a cube factor, so 10 times the distance is 10 x 10 x 10, or 1,000 times the area, dividing the energy of the original square by 1000- or 0.001 watts for a 1 watt source.

Obviously, the closer to the point source, the greater the power. That is why BCX Ultra Raytubes with their unique differential power work so well, because they are designed to touch objects.

Distance is more important than power. When comparing plasma radiators, such as the Ultra BT-HFPCM2, consider the actual amount of power delivered based upon distance. A 150 watt plasma radiator will deliver more power to an object 2 feet way, than a 300 watt plasma radiator delivering power to an object 3 feet away.

Some companies attach metal reflectors to attempt to bounce back the energy on the backside of a plasma radiator, but the type of materials used are unable to reflect much of the type of energy that a plasma discharge device generates.

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