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How does Energy pass through Raytubes, since glass does not conduct electricity?

BCX Ultra Raytubes are Differential Plasma Carrier Modulators, meaning that each of them is at an opposite polarity to the other, reversing at the rate of the carrier frequency. The electrical charge of one is attracted to the opposite charge of the other.

When held in your hands, your body completes the electrical path, and current flows. Here is a video showing the power of the Raytubes increasing when they are held. Notice the Wattmeter needle and the amount of light.

Glass is a poor electrical conduction, but an excellent insulator. In the BCX Ultra application, it serves as a dielectric to separate opposite charged electrons that are attracted to each other.

The constantly changing polarity dielectric charge is reflected on the outside glass walls. Current will flow during the charging and discharging of this electrostatic field. The total current is insignificant at low frequency, but significant at RF frequencies due to the number of charges and discharges per second. Click here to read how energy flows through glass

This process is exactly how a fundamental component called a capacitor works. Click here to read about Capacitors

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