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Far InfraRed

Model FIR-ST
Standalone Unit

Model FIR-Ultra
for use with BCX Ultra

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Tell me more about FIR Far InfraRed Therapy

Tell me more about Model FIR-ST

Tell me more about Model FIR-Ultra

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More about FIR Far InfraRed Therapy

The Ultra FIR products power an Active Carbon Fiber mat, which radiates the InfraRed Energy.

Two Control unit models are available:

The FIR-ST is a standalone unit with built-in programs and operational controls.

The FIR-Ultra is used with and requires a BCX Ultra , which provides built-in programs and operational controls. Used with the BCX Ultra, the FIR-Ultra has greater capabilities. In addition, other BCX Ultra Accessories can be used at the same time with their frequencies and pulses synchronized.

Whitman Technology has been a leader and innovator in the Rife frequency industry for over 25 years. We combined the therapeutic advantages of frequencies with the powerful healing benefits of infrared rays to create the BCX Ultra Far-infrared mat. It is the only dual FIR mat of its kind. With a safety and efficacy record that dates back at least 80 years, medical doctors and clinicians around the world are routinely utilizing the FIR therapy to treat a wide array of health challenges. Find out for yourself what millions of people have already discovered. FIR is non-invasive, very effective, without side effects, proven in numerous medical studies at home and abroad to be highly beneficial for:


*Decrease Joint Stiffness

*Decrease in Pain from Arthritis

*Bursitis Eliminated

*Muscle Spasms reduced or Eliminated

*Gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis Substantially Reduced or Eliminated

*Low Back Pain and Tight Shoulder Relief

*Reduction in Inflammation and Edema

*Increase in Range of Motion

*Cardiovascular and Circulatory

*Increase of Blood Flow

*Promotes Dilation of Capillaries

*Improves Poor Circulation

*Useful for High Blood Pressure and Coronary Artery Disease

*Increases Nitric Acid in the Blood and Plasma benefitting Atherosclerosis


*Varicose Veins




*Scleroderma and other Skin Conditions

*Post-Surgical Infection

*Pelvic Infection and Other Diseases of the Organs

*Toe and Fingernail Fungus

How Does Far-Infrared Therapy help with healthy aging, regeneration and detoxification?

Our bodies normally produce infrared energy for warmth, tissue repair, and a variety of healing responses. Without this energy light, our bodies cannot properly absorb certain nutrients, nor effectively deal with the toxin load that accumulates in our tissues and organs. Suppressed immune function, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, and other ailments may be, in part, consequences of a lack of sufficient light exposure. Occasionally, the infrared energy in our organs and tissues need a boost to ensure an optimum healing outcome. The body can selectively absorb the infrared rays right where they are needed. With a tissue penetration depth of over one inch and close to 93% absorption rate of the waves that reach the skin, clinical evidence supports the use of far infrared as a non-invasive health-promoting therapy. Multiple medical studies conducted in Japan, China, Australia, Germany, and other parts of Europe attest that FIR is safe, therapeutic, and sometimes, the only modality that worked for wound care when the standard medical treatment failed.

Why Purchase a BCX Ultra FIR Mat?

Our unique and unmatched technology delivers a broad range of frequencies and is paired with an advanced, carbon diamond panel technology called Active Carbon Fibers TM. The carbon in our mats is made of ultra-thin carbon fibers that are evenly distributed over a large surface area. This allows the unit to produce long waves of far-infrared heat, which penetrates deeper into your body and is more readily absorbed than the less therapeutic, shorter wave lengths of FIR, typically seen in most other FIR devices. Each panel is handmade using strict quality control with two strips of white gold and spun zirconia fibers, that, when heated, resonates these crystal fibers. We use cutting edge technology, which is employed in many health spas, that eliminates the need for any metal plates, ceramic coils, rods, and all but the very basic wiring connection. The result is just the ultimate in soothing warmth which is relaxing, pleasant and refreshing without any harmful EMF’s. Capture the healing of far-infrared rays, the energy rays generated from the sun, and combine it with the amazing benefits of healing frequencies unlike any other product on the market in our exclusive BCX Ultra FIR mat.

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