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Magnetic Wave

Model BEP-ST
Standalone Unit

Model BEP-Ultra
for use with BCX Ultra

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More about Magnetic Wave Therapy

The Ultra BEP produces continuous waves of gentle Magnetic Fields.

It uses either a mat suitable for lying or sleeping on, or a local application device, which concentrates the magnetic energy into a small area.

Two control models are available:

The BEP-ST is a standalone unit with built-in programs and operational controls

The BEP-Ultra is used with and requires a BCX Ultra , which provides built-in programs and a way to operate the BEP-Ultra. Used with the BCX Ultra, the BEP-Ultra has greater capabilities. In addition, other BCX Ultra Accessories can be used at the same time with their frequencies and pulses synchronized.

BCX Ultra Products and accessories are sold
through Distributors Internationally.

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