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The BEP-ST is used with an Ultra BEP mat or an Ultra Concentrator.

It has built in programs with sequences of selected frequencies.

The user can set the waveforms and amount of time for the program to run, and the unit shuts off automatically at the end of a program.

Instructions for Operation


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Instructions for Operation

The BEP-ST system consists of an BEP-ST Control Unit and an Ultra BEP Mat or BEP Concentrator.

1. Plug the cord from the Ultra BEP Mat or Concentrator into the rear of the Control Unit. Plug the Control unit into an AC wall outlet with the supplied power cord.

2. Press "On/Off" momentarily to Power On

3. Press "Up" or "Down" and "Next" to change the Waveform

4. Press "Up" or "Down" and "Next" to change the Program

5. Press "Up" or "Down" and "Next" to select the Run Hours

6. Press "Up" or "Down" and "Next" to select the Power Level

7. Program starts, displaying the Frequency

8. Press "Up" or "Down" to change Power Level while running

9. Frequencies sequence automatically

10. Press "Next" to Manually advance frequencies

11. Auto Shutoff at the end of the program

12. Press "On/Off" momentarily to manually shutoff.

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Model: BEP-ST
Continuous Low Power Magnetic Wave Device
Powered by 120-240VAC 50/60Hz Household Power

Balanced, Floating
Energy type

Magnetic Waves
Frequency Modes of Operation
Single Frequency
Waveform Type Sinewave, Squarewave, Sawtooth
Range 1 to 10,000 Hz

Resolution 1.00000 to 9.99999 Hz (0.00001 Hz)
10.0000 to 99.9999 Hz (0.0001 Hz)
100.000 to 999.999 Hz (0.001 Hz)
1,000.00 to 9,999.99 Hz (0.01 Hz) and 10,000 Hz
1 Individual
Programs 23
Sequences Up to 22 Sequences per Program
16 Levels
1/2 to 5 Hours in 1/2 Hour Increments
Auto Shutoff
Power Output
20 Watts Max
Mat Gauss: 4.7, Mat Area: 15-1/2 Square Feet
Concentrator Gauss: 18, Concentrator Area: 7 Square Inches

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